Function: The Seniors' Ministry known as The Joyous Jewels will plan and organize activities designed for senior adults to promote ministry to one another and include fun, fellowship, and encouragement.


Ministry Profile:

Ministry area and target is primarily to place emphasis on the needs of senior adults in the Church and community.
Spiritual gifts needed to perform task are love, giving, service, helps, and knowledge of Biblical principles.
Persons in this ministry should desire to practice Christian fellowship among fellow senior adults. Also have a passion for planning activities for fun and fellowship.
 Anticipated time commitments for this ministry range from 3-4 hours a month not including special trips and events.

Ministry Responsibilities:

Get acquainted with all senior of the ministry and discover their interests and activities they enjoy.
Do a yearly survey regarding activity choices.
Plan and organize activities for senior adults that meet their social, spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.·
Engage in those activities on the Church calendar that enhances the church.
Keep in contact with other Churches and their senior ministry to encourage community participation and fellowship.